Upcoming Events

July 2022  (NEXT GEN MONTH)


July 11 - 14: Vacation Bible School (Open to all ages)

July 13: Signing Day (Open to High School Juniors, High School Seniors, and New & Current College/Tech Students)

July 14: HBCU College Fair

July 15: Crossover Fellowship (Open to High School Seniors and College/Tech Students)

July 20: Color Vibes

July 22: "Powered Up" Youth Experience

July 23 - 24: "Power Surge" Weekend

July 23: NextGen Missions Project

July 23: NextGen Workshops

July 23: NextGen Parent Workshop (Empowering Parents of 0-3-Year-Olds)

July 23: Educators' Brunch

July 23: Power Surge Aftermath (Open to Middle School, High School, and College/Tech Students)

July 30 - 31: Back to School Supply Distributions

July 30 - 31: Baby Dedication