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Class # 1TYPE: Men TEACHERS: Rickey Burts, Joe AnthonyMenHybridSouth
Class # 10TYPE: Ushers Adult TEACHERS: Bonnie Killebrew, Gwendolyn Able, Maggie Oliver HybridSouth
Class # 12TYPE: Young Adults TEACHERS: Jeffrey Mister, Valentino BlackwellCo-edHybridSouth
Class # 14TYPE: Men TEACHERS: Rev. Rickey Fuquay, Rev. Woody JordanMenHybridSouth
Class # 15TYPE: Senior Mothers TEACHERS: Gustenia Scott, Velma J. Walker, Margaret Green, Lorene OrrWomenConferenceSouth
Class # 16 & 17TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Olia Rice, Angela Campbell, Devora Bryson, Charlene Gilliland, Janice TriplettWomenVirtualMain
Class # 18TYPE: Couples TEACHERS: Clifton Eley, Detra MooreCouplesVirtual 
Class # 19TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Yvonne Starks, Vivian JacksonWomenHybridMain
Class # 2TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Vivian Montgomery, Annie Bowdre, Linda MarionWomenHybridSouth
Class # 20TYPE: Men TEACHERS: Milton Gray, Marcus Robinson, Rev. GreenMenHybridMain
Class # 21TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Elder Norris Patton, Dr. Mary G. Patton *****In-Person at 7:00 AM *****Online at 1:00 PMWomenIn-PersonMain
Class # 22TYPE: Co-ED Adults TEACHERS: Willie J. Stewart, Beverly Stewart, Elder Ronald Pate, Brother David GrossCo-edVirtual 
Class # 23TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Josephine StarnesWomenConferenceMain
Class # 27TYPE: Co- ED Adults TEACHERS: Beverly Harwell, Janice TriplettCo-edHybridMain
Class # 3TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Bonnie Tompkins, Carolyn HarveyWomenHybridSouth
Class # 31TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Helen Walls, LiQuita DavisWomenHybridSouth
Class # 32TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Lois Sargent, Shirley Flowers, Marcia SmithWomenVirtual 
Class # 34TYPE: Couples TEACHERS: George Edwards, Elder Fredrick LoveCouplesVirtual 
Class # 36TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Shirley Donald, Shavon Holt, Alice MooreWomenHybridMain
Class # 37TYPE: Couples TEACHERS: Paul Sanders, Nellie Sanders, PatCouplesIn-PersonSouth
Class # 38TYPE: Senior Co- Ed TEACHERS: Oliver Ezell, Charles Turner, Jimmy WilkinsCo-edVirtualSouth
Class # 40TYPE: Ministers TEACHERS: Elder Norris Patton HybridMain
Class # 9TYPE: Women TEACHERS: Jo Annette Johnson, Norma OliverWomenHybridSouth