24 Hour Prayer Sign-Up

24 Hours - PRAYER - CARE - SHARE for Memphis and the Mid-South


Prayer leads to care and opening up ways to share the gospel.

This Month's Gospel Share is a link to a video and is provided below.

  • Prayer - BMBC has committed to covering the Memphis and the Mid-South in prayer on the 25th of each month. We are soliciting prayer volunteers to select a 30 minute slot to pray for Memphis and the Mid-South. A prayer guide will be provided in your confirmation email.
  • Care - BMBC is asking everyone to care for someone by doing an act of kindness in Jesus' name for a family member, friend, or total stranger. Romans 2:4 says that God's kindness leads to repentance.
  • Share - BMBC is asking everyone to share the Gospel Share by posting it on their social media page or texting it to family and friends. This Month's Gospel Share Link is provided below.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Epley at jeff@brownbaptist.org or (662) 966-6061.

Please fill out the form below to sign up. Thank you!

If you want to change your time, simply fill out the form again with the time you prefer.

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Added: 7/19/2024